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Retire Aboard a Cruise Ship

August 16th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Retire Aboard a Cruise Ship

Establishing permanent residence aboard an oceangoing cruise ship is not just the wacky plot of

a Tim Dorsey novel (Atomic Lobster). The reality, as some senior citizens are finding out, to their delight, is that living on a cruise ship is probably cheaper than a nursing home. Here are the basic facts.

1. The average nursing home costs about $200 per day.
2. With long term cruise and senior discounts, retiring on board a cruise ship costs about $135 daily.

Figure ten

bucks per day for gratuities and you still have $55 extra each day. Best of all, access to the following amenities is included in your rent.

• All you can eat, all the time! Plus room service for breakfast in bed every morning of the week.

• Typical cruise lines offer multiple swimming pools and workout rooms, free washers and dryers, as well as a variety of shows and entertainment all included in the price.

• No more need to buy toiletries. Toothpaste, razors, soap, and shampoo are free on board.

• Be treated like a customer rather than a patient. Smart long-term cruisers dispense an extra five bucks worth of tips each day. Employees will be fighting to serve you.

• Got a maintenance need? Television quit working? Light bulb flickering? Mattress feel like there’s an anvil hidden inside? No problem. Call it in and it will be fixed quickly AND apologized for.

Here’s the best part. What happens if you hate your roommate or the guy across the hall snores loud enough to rattle window panes? In a nursing home, you’re out of luck until they die. On a cruise ship, for better or worse, you get a whole new set of neighbors every 7 to 14 days.

You couldn’t pick a nicer way to send your golden years. Where have you always wanted to go? The Mediterranean, Australia, South Pacific, Alaska? Since cruise lines cover most of the liquid surface of the planet with their routes, at least the parts that people want to see, it should be relatively easy to find one that’s perfect for your lifestyle. If you get tired of seeing Cancun, all you have to do is make arrangements with another ship and you’re off to a different voyage.

Jetsetter Show founder Jason Hartman says, “Sounds better than a nursing home, right?” (Top image: Flickr | Rennett Stowe)

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