JS 107 – Global Macro & Middle East Investments, Stray Reflections with Jawad Mian

April 23rd, 2016 by Adam S | Comments Off on JS 107 – Global Macro & Middle East Investments, Stray Reflections with Jawad Mian

Jawad Mian is the Founder and Managing Editor of Stray Reflections. He is devoted to the pursuit of truth—in life and markets. As the great poet Muhammad Iqbal wrote in his private journal in 1910, “I wandered in pursuit of my own self; I was the traveler, and I am the destination.”

Over his investing career, Jawad has cultivated the ability to filter out the noise and the nonsense, which is essential to maintaining the presence of mind that allows one to keep sight of the larger picture. Jawad’s writing is prized for its staunch independence, distinct poise, clarity of thought, and courage to push readers outside of the manacles of conventional thinking.

A life-long traveler, Jawad digs deep down into his personal experiences and shares not just insights on the markets and global trends, but excerpts from great literature, the lessons of history as applied to the present, and the eternal wisdom of the great poets, saints, and philosophers.

Jawad and Jason talk about present day economics, potential investing opportunities in Dubai and more.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:36] A wide macro view of the economy today

[4:07] Whether the Fed rate hike is a good or bad thing, as well as how monetary policy has impacted the US economy over the past 5 years

[8:37] The real estate market in Dubai

[12:57] Jason’s guess on the rental rates in Dubai and if ratios hold up across nations

[15:18] Why QE hasn’t failed, even though many people seem to believe it has

[17:14] Is there the possibility of an inflationary future?

[18:57] Addressing whether skyrocketing technological advances are going to create an unemployment problem

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