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4 Language Tools for the International Business Person

August 12th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on 4 Language Tools for the International Business Person

One of the most effective ways to feel immediately at home in a new place is acquisition of a language. Particularly in the case of those seeking to do business in another country, speaking the language provides a level of knowledge and comfort to potential customers and peers, while making the act of actually conducting business much simpler. Luckily, technology and an increase in travel make this task much simpler. Beginning with a computer-based language learning program (such as Rosetta Stone) is a great way to provide a foundation. Once you’ve got a linguistic foundation, these tools will provide another level of learning:


A free online program, Popling operates as virtual flashcards. While you go about your activities on the computer, this program will randomly activate pop up windows with vocabulary. Best of all, you can choose to ignore the window (and it will disappear completely) or study the flash card in its entirety.


Lang-8 is great for international business people because it allows those learning a language to practice writing in it—a common task for those doing business. This program functions as an online writing workshop exchange community, so when you’ve finished a writing assignment, you may send it to a native speaker of that language. In return, you get to brush up on your native writing skills by returning the favor for someone learning English.


Translation2 has four free online translators and includes a dictionary and translator. Probably the most useful feature is the text to speech translator, which is an excellent way to hear and practice punctuation.

Digital Dialects

For learners who desire fun in their language learning, the regularly updated Digital Dialects provides 58 online games to assist in language acquisition, from introductory phrases to more in-depth vocabulary.

Learning a language is no small task, but provides rewards well worth the time spent acquiring it. Jason Hartman’s first commandment of investing is to get educated—by embracing the country in which you’ve chosen to live or conduct business in and learning the language, you lay the stepping-stones of financial success. (photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc)

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