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9 Travel Apps for the Business Savvy Jetsetter

August 7th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on 9 Travel Apps for the Business Savvy Jetsetter

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Maintaining control of business dealings can mean a number of things, including effective management, even while on the road, or, as it may be, in the air. Here are our favorite apps for international travel and business:

This app is great because it allows a person to easily search flights on a mobile device, providing a variety of search functions. There is a feature that allows for you to explore the cost of flights to anywhere—a potential way to discover new places to travel or invest!

This app organizes travel documents so that you can streamline everything into one easy-to-read itinerary—a great help for frequent or busy travelers.

XE Currency Exchange
Because XE Currency Exchange has a stellar online reputation, it can generally be trusted to provide accurate currency conversions for all your business dealings.

The Skype app is an obvious choice because it allows you to have face-to-face conversations on your mobile device, no matter your location. Skype also has a Wi-Fi app that lets you connect to the Internet anywhere by using Skype Access, a pay-per-minute that gives you the exact amount of time you need.

Google Translate/Google Goggles
The Google Translate App easily translates slabs of text, and although it isn’t always 100% accurate, it does a decent job of getting the point across. The voice recognition feature is especially helpful, as it will verbalize your words in the language of your choice.

When paired with Google Goggles, which searches Google based on an image, Google Translate is able to interpret signs written in languages you don’t know.

One of the best cloud sharing services out there, Dropbox provides a convenient way for multiple parties to access the same documents. For example, a property owner, property manager, and tenant could all share space in order to most efficiently manage a rental. If your phone or computer is stolen, your information is still available through any machine with an Internet connection. Best of all—Dropbox is free!

An excellent choice for those traveling on business, Expensify tracks purchases by syncing with bank accounts and credit cards. You can scan receipts too. Afterwards, the service sends a convenient PDF of your expenses.

Wi-Fi Finder
This app, as suggested by the name, lists available wireless Internet hotspots. The filter function allows you to view networks by cost, and while the listings in some countries aren’t as thorough as they could be, it beats having nothing.

JetLag Genie
For those doing a lot of international travel, the JetLag Genie app lets you input your flight information and sleep patterns, then providing recommendations on a course of action before, during, and after your flight to reduce jet lag. (photo credit: matt.hintsa via photopin cc)

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