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Lessons From Asian Investors

July 25th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Lessons From Asian Investors

7-24-houseThere has been a recent trend of Asians, many of whom have been successful investors in their homeland, buying small properties in North America. Some of them have even snagged a few up-scale properties in major markets here in America already. These properties tend to be residential and luxurious. However, these investors are quickly learning to prefer small commercial properties, such as office buildings and other shops in lesser cities. This practice has several advantages for the sharp business mind. In addition, they carry some lessons for us to learn. Two are discussed below.

Diversification is crucial to an investment portfolio. Real estate markets are at different levels of achievement nationwide and exploring the available properties in different geographic regions provides investors the chance to diversify their portfolio. Asian investors are looking beyond the richest properties in the major cities and discovering hidden gems. Jason Hartman has been teaching this principle for a long time. By carefully examining local real estate markets and choosing the ones with great growth potential, even if they seem out of the way, Jason shows you the benefits of varying an income property collection.

Another lesson from Asian investors is the choice of market. These financiers are gravitating toward established markets that show steady, secure income, which is exactly what Jason has been telling us. He is an advocate of choosing those markets where long-term returns are going to be made. This income will start coming in shortly after purchasing a property and will gradually increase over time as the surrounding market grows. These are not locations where tons of investors are jumping or where the market has already peaked. These are places that offer stable, maturing real estate markets.

Asian investors have a lock on their homeland’s market. However, they saw the potential to expand both into smaller markets and abroad to the United States. This is a great move on their part and we could do worse than copying it here in the U.S. Two of the benefits are the diversification it offers and the stable, growing markets. These techniques are a great path to solid income.

Coincidentally, these happen to be two principles of Jason Hartman’s investment philosophy, as well. Choosing to invest in established and rising markets in a variety of places can lead to quick, sound returns. Asian investors, Jason Hartman, and now you are set to profit with this strategy. (Photo Flickr | sherwoodrealestate)

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