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Air Travel Tricks to Avoid Baggage Fees

August 5th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Air Travel Tricks to Avoid Baggage Fees

air travelA predictable side effect of the air travel industry’s new found inclination to gouge travelers long and deep with baggage fees has resulted in the creation of an entire new industry – streamlined travel accessories. These days, this is critical information so sit up and pay attention. Make no mistake, those low “budget” tickets you bought online don’t begin to cover the costs of operating an airplane.

There seems to be new and more onerous baggage fees popping up every day. The trick to avoiding them is to realize that you simply can’t approach air travel with the mind set you used to. No more rolling monstrosity suitcases that would fit a life-size replica of the Eiffel Tower. Your target now should be to get on the flight with one light travel bag and that’s it. Okay, maybe a laptop case also but that’s really all.

Thankfully, the air travel accessory industry has come to the rescue with a handful of nifty inventions designed to cram the most amount of stuff into the smallest space in the lightest manner. The first thing you might consider is a compressor set, that claims to reduce space requirements for bulky items by up to 80%. Eagle Creek makes a version that allows you to put stuff into plastic bags and then roll them up. Also works well for carrying dirty clothes on the return trip.

Another space saving device is a universal charger. No more need to pack a baker’s dozen collection of chargers for all your electronic devices. Some versions come complete with USB port and iPod docking station. For a small investment of ten bucks, you can accurately weigh your suitcases (to avoid overage charges) before you leave with a luggage scale. Magellan’s is an excellent online source to find these and other air travel accessories that could save you big money in the long run.

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