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How to Sell Junk and Make Money on Craigslist

May 18th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on How to Sell Junk and Make Money on Craigslist

JS0504So you’ve decided that a life of infinite travel or as an expatriate is the life for you. We couldn’t agree more—but you’re probably wondering where to put all of your old stuff! Sure, you could store it—but why not offload it in favor of money that you can use to invest in money-making real estate?! We’ve got a few tips to help make it easier.

First, craft a clear and concise ad. Remember, a lot of folks (we’re looking at you, Jason Hartman) do business from their smartphone, so it’s important that the information is readily available on computer or phone screen.

You’ll want to begin the ad with a strong subject line that ISN’T all CAPS and contains a limited amount of exclamation points. Be specific and clear, including words that indicate the condition of an item and that it is for sale. Tell potential buyers everything you can about an item—“desk” isn’t descriptive enough, but “two tower computer desk” tells someone more.

Next, include an image. Many users only look at ads that contain a picture, so make sure you’ve got a nice, clean image to include. The best image should come first, with pictures highlighting different features or angles second. Photograph damage so you only get customers who are okay with the condition, and make sure the area around the item is clean and clear.

Describe the item for sale briefly and accurately. Include the condition of the piece, the color, etc. Don’t include information about how you originally acquired the item or ways someone else might use the piece. Avoid spammy language that makes you sound like a slimy salesman so that you seem like an authentic person. Be creative and fun, but keep it short.

To get a response, make sure that you include the price you want for the item, even if you’re willing to negotiate. Some people list the price as $1 in the subject line and give the price inside the ad, but this isn’t necessary. Make the price fair and reasonable and indicate that the price is firm if that is the case.

If you’re selling more than one item, you might be tempted to include everything in one post for the sake of simplicity. Resist that urge—you’ll be more successful if you create separate posts. You can be more specific in your subject line this way.

Finally, make sure that your product is searchable and will come up when people are sifting through the great black hole of Craigslist. Use brands in the subject line and descriptive words in the body of the ad. If someone is looking for a blue couch but you’ve only included La-Z-Boy, your ad might not be found.

Anything you’ve found particularly effective? Let us know! (photo credit: Ben Gertzfield via photopin cc)

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