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Top retirement havens in the world

February 23rd, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Top retirement havens in the world

Just because we used the word “retirement” in the title doesn’t mean you have to stop living. We’re simply talking about escaping the U.S. rat race and settling down to whatever your particular vision of paradise entails. Maybe you’ll want to run a small restaurant or even continue doing your regular work, only this time from long distance.

The following list is intended to get you thinking about the best the world has to offer in 2010.

1. Panama – Still the best option for overseas retirement. This little Central American treasure caters to foreign retirees like NO place else.

2. Argentina – European living at a fraction of the cost. With an amazing diversity of geography and culture, you can head for wine country, a mountain chalet, the cosmopolitan city life of Buenos Aires, or a laid back rural retreat.

3. Uruguay – Likened to the simple charm and relaxed pace of 1950s America, Uruguay is a model of free trade, political stability, and an economy not reliant on the United States.

4. Dominican Republic – Head here if you’re looking for sun-splashed beaches, turquoise water, swaying palm trees, and a laid back Caribbean approach to life. One of the last truly affordable spots in the region.

5. Croatia – In the early 1990s civil war made Croatia unthinkable for the foreign retiree. These days Croatia’s beaches, winding hills, and coastal islands make it your best bet for traditional European living at an affordable price.

6. Malaysia – Living in the shadow of Thailand, it is easy for foreigners to own property in Malaysia. Under the auspices of the Malaysia My Second Home (MMSH) program, expect to find cheap living and tax benefits similar to Panama.

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to some day leave the U.S. behind and live better for less in another part of the world, this list should get your mind to racing with the possibilities.

The JetSetter Team