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Free Travel Information – Don't Book a Bad Bus Tour

January 31st, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Free Travel Information – Don't Book a Bad Bus Tour

Exactly what does the price quote include?
If it’s only transportation, for how many nights and days? Are meals included? How many? How about admissions to attractions? What kind of transportation, in particular, will be used? Don’t be the unfortunate soul who expects a classy highway star when the actual vehicle will be a road weary jalopy.

Can the price increase?
What if the value of the dollar drops? Does the tour operator charge a supplemental fee? Don’t laugh. It happens. Tour operators are in a cutthroat business and every penny counts. What if the tour doesn’t sell out? Does the price increase? Are rates cheaper in the off-season?

Are there additional expenses?
In the same vein as the first question, are there optional excursions offered? Is trip cancellation/interruption offered? What are the details of that? Do the driver and guides need to be tipped? If they do, tipping can be a measurable expense when drawn out over a 7-10 day excursion. Are there ANY other costs as all? Keep in mind that you should book with a credit card if possible. While often cast as a hated ogre, credit card companies can be a powerful ally in a dispute over whether the trip fulfilled what it promised.

And, finally, don’t forget to run a reality check on your

expectations. Take into account the level of amenities in the part of the world you’re visiting. Break down how many hours you’ll spend on the bus each day versus how much time allowed for sightseeing. Is smoking allowed? Is there a bathroom on the bus? Are you imagining days of wine and roses when what you’re really buying is the best a Third World country has to offer, which might not be up to your usual standard.

The final bit of free travel information related to bus trips we can offer is this. Be realistic, keep the big picture in mind, but don’t forget the details. Good luck!

The JetSetter Team


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