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About Us

The JetSetter Show is the newest in a series of explosively popular shows created by tireless entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketing guru, and travel aficionado, Jason Hartman. If you’ve ever wanted to ditch the working world and live a life of independence and wealth, you’ve come to the right place.

It all comes down to travel. Most of us would like to do a lot more of it than present circumstances allow. The Big Secret is that many highly desirable locations around the world boast a cheaper standard of living than Americans realize. Live better on less. Travel more than ever. Tap into passive income streams not constrained by international borders. Sound good? We think so.

The JetSetter Show stands ready to hand over the keys to your new kingdom. With 57 countries under his belt and more on the horizon, Jason Hartman sits down to talk with the biggest and the brightest travel experts, picking their brains for insider information and innovative solutions about:

  • Upscale business and pleasure travel at wholesale prices
  • Starting a new life overseas
  • Worldwide real estate investment opportunities
  • High quality lifestyles at a low cost
  • The newest travel hot spots and the overlooked gems
  • Legitimate asset protection and tax haven strategies
  • Singles travel and international relationships
  • Working anywhere and creating automatic income
  • Internet business strategies for the citizen of the world
  • Dual citizenship, expatriation and global citizenship
  • Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The JetSetter Show is delivered via podcast, which means it’s like listening to online radio. Shows are available for free at our website www.JetSetterShow.com or download them through iTunes for your iPod and listen on the go. And we do seriously hope you’re going somewhere fun.

Whether an experienced or aspiring JetSetter, this is cutting edge stuff from experts who know how to peel back the layers of travel fluff and get down to the meat. Learn to wring every last drop of value from your travel time and budget. Live or retire in your own gorgeous overseas location where $2,000 a month is a fortune. A life extraordinarily lived is within your grasp.

The JetSetter Show:  Living a lifestyle of freedom, adventure and prosperity.