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Halloween like a Jetsetter

October 24th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Halloween like a Jetsetter

If cost is no object, and it never should

be to swanky men and women who have been playing their financial cards right, there are a double-handful of perfecto Halloween bashes from coast to coast for you to participate in this coming Halloween. Chances are, you won’t have time to fit in more than one two or three of these world class soirée’s in one evening, even if you keep the private jet fueled up and idling on the runway, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Here’s a sampling of great Halloween parties recommended by the primo jetsetter himself, Jason Hartman. You can thank him later.

Fetish & Fantasy Ball (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Labeled as “One of the Top Ten Events in The World” by the Travel Channel, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a town that knows a thing or two about partying. If you’re looking for erotic stage shows, laser cannons, stilt walkers, not one but TWO haunted houses, a porn slide show, fire breathers, belly dancers, and enough freakiness to last a whole year, this desert bash is the place to be. By the way – you WILL come in costume or risk a $40 fine.

New York’s Village Halloween Parade (Greenwich Village, New York)
Not to be outdone by a city founded by gangsters in the desert, Greenwich Village, long a global hotbed for trendiness, goes all out for visual and auditory feast for Halloweeners. Expect 42 bands (at least), 35,000 parade participants, two million party goers, and the kind of behavior that is not to be found on any other day of the year. By the way, don’t miss the Ministry of Silly Walks’ Cakewalk. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Think Monty Python.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval (Los Angeles, California)
Not to be outdone by its sister urban cesspool across the fruited plain, Hollywood jumps into the Halloween spirit with what began as strictly a gay and lesbian party but expanded to include anyone who damn well wants to show up. You can usually count on a celebrity performance (of course, this is Hollywood) – Pink and Christina Aguilera have been recent examples – but the best part of the thing is when half a million creatively attired attendees strut their stuff down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Where else can the truly swanky think about heading to celebrate Halloween the right way? A sampling of other sites: New Orleans (“Freaks, Follies & Sideshows”), Houston (“Vampire Ball”), and, of course Hef’s Playboy Mansion shindig.

On your mark. Get set. Go! By the way, you’re going to need to be either a celebrity or an insanely beautiful woman to get into Hugh’s party. Good luck. (Top image: Flickr | gaudiramone)

The Jetsetter Show Team

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