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Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: Luxury Concierge

June 16th, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: Luxury Concierge

medium_13158649584It is no secret that the rich can have extravagant tastes. Tastes that are excessive, extraordinary, and often very strange. Imagine a concierge service that caters exclusively to this particular group of people—a group whose money often knows no limits.

Luxury concierge services are on the rise, and they’ve received some pretty incredible requests. While some are drawn to the allure of a shiny stage with a favorite rock star, others want to walk the ocean floor looking for long lost wreckage. And all of this can happen with the help of your favorite concierge.

Concierge services of this type book business travel for wealthy individuals, get difficult reservations, and secure impossible concert tickets. They’re also planning parties with A-list guests and setting up elaborate breakfasts with pro athletes. Everything has a price, and for a dollar amount, these clients don’t life a finger.

At these places, membership isn’t cheap. You can pay a few thousand dollars for yourself or six figures for a family.

Los Angeles company Bluefish has 400 members, all of which have a fair amount of money. They’ve booked client experiences with rock band Journey, commissioned a submarine to explore the Titanic, and let folks fly in fighter jets. Bluefish charges $5,000 just for membership, then an additional commission for the things that are booked.

Another such concierge, Pure Entertainment Group, charges a minimum of $12,000 per person for basic services, though you can pay up to $65,000 per couple on an annual basis. You’ll get something for your services though—airport transportation, three getaways that last a weekend, and preferred rates for hotels and airfare (airfare not included). Plus, you’ve got to shell out between 5% and 7% in commission for tickets booked through the concierge. Of course, if you aren’t a member you’re “free” to use the concierge service too—but expect to pay commissions of 15% to 20%.

Pure Entertainment Group is an exclusive one too, with only 100 members receiving personalized service, special congratulatory phone calls, and vacation services based upon member preferences.

The goal of the luxury concierge is to provide a more personal experience for clients willing to pay for it. Think rich kid birthday parties that can cost hundreds of thousands, resulting in commissions that are at least five figures.

But plan ahead—you’ll pay even more if you book last minute.

Jason Hartman is the ultimate luxury traveler—but even he’s never booked a flight going nowhere so his friends could party in the air. How about you?

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