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Gathering Intelligence Abroad

August 27th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Gathering Intelligence Abroad

Slide1If you’re thinking about overseas investment, you may be wondering how to conduct initial research. As Jason Hartman recommends, you’ll need to gather a wealth of knowledge to fully educate yourself on the ins and outs of your particular market. . Eventually, you’ll want to, of course, visit the country—but there are a few things you can do before boarding a plane and heading across the ocean.

The Internet

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but we recommend it because it works—even better than you might think. By using Google, you can gain access to a lot of basic information about a country. Things like population, climate, and business culture are all readily available online, and you won’t sacrifice anything by doing your research in this way.

You’ll also have access to language programs, translation apps, and other learning tools designed to optimize your experience abroad. And, Google Maps provides a bird’s eye view of many (but not all) areas, which may give you a good idea of a place’s physicality.

Get local(ish)

If you’re serious about making an investment in a particular country, try and get in touch with local businesspeople. Given the worldwide popularity of social media, this shouldn’t be a problem, and will allow you to explore the area, your demographic, and the culture.

Before you’re fully invested in going overseas, try and connect with people in the town you’re currently in. Talking to people who left a particular country for another is a great way to get an accurate description of what its like there. Plus, if you’re thinking of a country where English is not the native language, meeting these people may allow you to practice some of your language skills before heading abroad.

Back to School

For additional research, get in contact with any universities or community colleges in the area you’re considering making your investment. Often, these places have students interested in business who will be more than happy to provide information, act as guides, or even intern for you. Getting involved with an educational institution will increase your local authority and give you access to a wealth of resources.

When you’re finally willing and able to travel abroad, by all means—do it! There is no replacement for the experience of living, working, and traveling overseas. Until then, rest assured—you’ve got a ton of information right at your fingertips! (photo credit: dnkbdotcom via photopin cc)
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