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Don’t Stop Belize-in’

August 21st, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Don’t Stop Belize-in’

On the northeastern coast of Central America, Belize has the lowest population density of any country in the area, and also is largely English speaking. In fact, English is the official language of Belize—making it an excellent country for American expatriates seeking a new home and the opportunity for international business opportunities.

Belize is beautiful too—home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. At only 9,000 square miles (roughly the size of Massachusetts), it is filled with underground caves, waterfalls, beaches, and jungle. In the city, there is an extensive zoo, plenty of restaurants, and a thriving infrastructure. Also present are Mayan ruins, consisting of pyramids, temples, jewelry, and pottery relics.

In Belize, one might expect to experience fairly mild weather. Though seasons do not reflect a traditional summer, fall, winter, spring, they do have a bit of range. Sometimes warm and breezy and sometimes humid and hot, Belize is never snowy and rarely gets below 65 degrees, perfect if you’re ready to be done with the often harsh winters in many areas of the United States.

Belize is perfect for entertaining guests, too. There’s a Chocolate Festival in Southern Belize and a Lobster Festival in Cave Caulker. There’s a huge carnival in San Pedro and a variety of Independence Day celebrations (celebrated in September) throughout the country.

You’ll also find the people of Belize to be friendly and welcoming, offering suggestions for local places to eat or entertain. They’re also quick to invite you to their place for lunch—a great way to begin a personal or business relationship. Jason Hartman, who has been twice to Belize, recommends getting to know the internal network of information before making any investments, if that’s your goal. Real estate-wise, Belize lives by another set of rules (property inspectors with little to no rules or follow-up, for example) but a set of rules that has the potential to work, if you’re open minded.

If you’re interested in a life abroad, Belize presents the perfect place—a relatively easy transition language-wise, a mild climate, and a great variety of culture and people to make your vacation or life-long transition as seamless as possible. (photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc)

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