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Vacation Theft Survival Guide

August 30th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Vacation Theft Survival Guide

We all know it’s probably not going to happen, but what if it does? We’re talking about when you set your bag down on a busy street corner in Paris (or anywhere else your vacation habits take you) and the the thing disappears the moment your attention drifts. Worse, that was the day you were too lazy to put on a money belt and everything was in the bag: money, passports, credit cards. The actions you take in the aftermath of losing it all to vacation theft will go a long ways towards the quality of the rest of your trip.

First – don’t panic. People have been in such situations before and not experienced complete vacation ruination. There are logical responses to each and every mini-catastrophe associated with the loss.

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1. File a Police Report: This is your first order of business. You need a report in order to be able to file an insurance claim and, who knows, someone might actually turn in your bag. Local police are used to travelers who have been robbed and can help you find Red Cross-type organizations.

2. Get Online: Your hotel should let you use their office computer if there is no public access. Get online and find out where the nearest US Embassy office is located. You’ll also need your bank’s contact information so you can cancel credit and debit cards immediately. Do this within two days and your liability is limited to $50.

3. Replace Your Passport: This is a big one. You can’t leave the country without a passport. You’ll also find it difficult to check into new hotels or receive wired funds. The US Embassy office can help you get a replacement passport for about $140. If you’re suddenly penniless, they can have ways to help with the cost.

4. Replace Travel Documents: At this point, you’ve taken care of the critical items on the post-theft agenda. Now it’s time to get busy resuming your vacation. Many travel passes can be printed off on

computers, though rail passes might require a new purchase. There’s also a good chance flight and hotel schedules might need to be rearranged, prescriptions refilled, new travel gear bought, and another rental car key acquired.

Remember the fabled travel equation: Tragedy + Time = Comedy. Oh yeah, don’t be too lazy to put your money belt on next time.

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