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The following personal insights into Ecuadoran expat living come from Newleu Purnell, courtesy of the website TransitionsAbroad.com. Purnell claims that a single person can live comfortably in Ecuador on $250 to $400 monthly. Say you like to eat out often and take road trips on the weekend, and you probably would have to bump that up to $500. Let’s take a moment to ponder that number. A couple with at least $1,000 monthly in passive income could live pretty well anywhere in Ecuador.

With a developing infrastructure, you can run an Internet business or track your investments just as easily as you would from your home in the U.S.A. According to the CIA, Ecuador is a stable political climate with a democratically elected government. Since 2000, the country has officially operated on the United States dollar, though Ecuadoran dollars are also printed and accepted at the same rate as American currency. Depending upon what sort of urban experience you seek, the country’s three largest cites are the capitol of Quito (most international city), Guayaquil (largest city), and the scenic city of Cuenca.

You can also choose from among several tiny ocean communities that dot the sands of the Pacific Ocean frontage. If the beach is not your thing, consider that Ecuador is blessed with mountains, jungle,

and a great climate, a result being located square on the equator. Bigger than some nations in the region, smaller than others, Americans can judge its heft by thinking of it as roughly similar in size to the state of Colorado. If you’re seriously mulling the idea of expat living in the Central American region, but think that prices in gringo conclaves like Panama and Costa Rica have crept too high, consider getting in on the great value of Ecuador. It’s a ground floor opportunity.

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