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Retire overseas like a chicken

March 15th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Retire overseas like a chicken

You do realize that it’s not an all or nothing proposition, don’t you? Retiring overseas doesn’t require that you:

1.Bid the children farewell forever
2.Give away the dog
3.Sell the house
4.Put the car on Craigslist
5.Buy a one way ticket to parts unknown

Slow down there, pardner. Why not take an extended vacation to a country you’re interested in and stop thinking of this as the Big Upheaval? Yes, it’s scary to think about moving to a country where few people speak your language. There’s a less stressful, chicken way to do this thing. Pack a few small bags and spend a month or two in a different country, one where you think you MIGHT like to live eventually.

Don’t think in terms of relocating yet. Put the car in the garage, ask the neighbors to feed Fido, and make those plane tickets round trip. Rent a a modest place and allow yourself to slowly submerge in the culture. If it turns out you can’t stand it, your life is still waiting for you back in the the good old U. S. of A. Ease into the thought of overseas retirement like you’re taking the new country for a test drive.

If the test drive turns into a return trip year after year but you still like to head back to America, so what? There’s no law against it. Some day the thought of a permanent vacation in a place like Costa Rica might make perfect sense and not be scary at all.

When it’s time to move, you’ll know. Until then, retire overseas like a chicken.

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