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Top Five Caribbean Beaches

September 26th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Top Five Caribbean Beaches

When visiting t

he Caribbean, you can be sure to find a myriad of beautiful beaches, yet you may get the feeling that you are missing that one perfect beach. This guide will direct you to the absolute best beaches in the Caribbean.

Sandy Spit

This tiny island is located just south of Green Cay, near Jost van Dyke. It is almost all beach with a lush center of only two palm trees and tropical brush. There are no structures on Sandy Spit and no inhabitants either, unless you count the wildlife and marine animals that enjoy the sea grapes and vegetation. You won’t find a crowd here and the snorkeling is fantastic, too.

Sandy Island

Like a phoenix, this stretch of beach is constantly being torn down and built back up by wind and wave alike. The long, sandy beach is reshaped and molded into new designs with deeper lagoons or shallow bays appearing and changing on a regular basis. The adjoining reef is great for snorkeling and provides a colorful backdrop to the amazing marine life

in the area, especially at the drop off where rays and pelagic fish swim.


Visiting “the smallest island on planet Earth” is the same as visiting a slice of heaven. The entire island is beach. There are no trees, no brush. Only a thatched beach umbrella under the blue skies. Certainly a vacation which includes a stop at Mopion would be a memorable one.

Tahiti Beach

Located on Elbow Cay, Tahiti Beach can only be reached by hiking from Hope Town or by boat. The sandy beach offers a view of Great Abaco and a backdrop of swaying palm trees. The water of the Sea of Abaco is so clear that you can see the bonefish feeding in the shallow water. Romance is guaranteed when strolling along the sandbars or watching the sunset with your loved one.

Los Roques

Located off

the coast of Venezuela is an archipelago of over forty deserted cays. Even though the group of islands is named “The Rocks,” really only the main island, Gran Roque, has towering rocky cliffs. The remaining cays lie low in the water, allowing long stretches of white sand to warm in the Caribbean sun. The surrounding waters are calm, protected from the rough water by beautiful reefs or sturdy mangroves.

Visiting one of these Caribbean beaches will surely result in the vacation of a lifetime. Visiting Jason Hartman’s website will help you invest your money to make a Caribbean beach vacation a reality. (Top image: Flickr | reinketelaars)

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