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Easy Living: Airport Technology Tips for Simple Travel

August 31st, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Easy Living: Airport Technology Tips for Simple Travel

Slide1Lately, there’s been an increase in airline travel across the board, thanks to an economic upturn and decrease in unemployment rates. A promising sign, certainly—but one that leaves airports full of inexperienced travelers. If you’re new to travel, haven’t done it in awhile, or want a refresher course on ways to make your (and everyone else’s) life simpler, read below!

Having traveled across the globe and back, Jason Hartman knows that the most annoying part of any travel experience is the airport, synonymous with frustration and anger. To make it a less traumatic experience, consider downloading a few apps for your smart phone. My TSA is an app that provides access to security guidelines, estimates for wait times, and information regarding flight delays. You’re also able to get information on weather conditions and carry-on regulations. If you’ve had a frustrating experience, the app also allows you the option of providing feedback on your time in the airport.

There are a number of other apps designed to help you locate airport amenities, find free wireless internet, and check in to later flights, as well as keep friends and family updated on your whereabouts. (Try WeFi).

Should the airport lose your luggage, there are also apps (like Goodzer) designed to help you locate stores that carry whatever items you need. Many allow you to browse by item type or price, and provide directions or at least maps to the store.

To run each of these apps, it is important to have a phone with adequate battery life. In addition to a phone charger, include in your travel bag an extra battery pack to ensure a full charge (especially if you’re going overseas) for the entirety of your trip. This way, you avoid paying someone else to charge your device and you have access to a variety of apps and websites to make your stay easier. If you’re conducting business, backup batteries will be especially helpful.

To further optimize your ability to conduct business during travel, also consider utilizing a cloud sharing service that allows you to access business documents from anywhere. This way, you’ll have access to everything you need at the airport, on the runway, and in the sky.

Though frustrating, the end result of business travel is almost always worth it. You get to explore a new place, explore another country, and grow (and diversify!) your business. By keeping up on the latest developments in travel technology, your trips will be as smooth and productive as possible! (photo credit: williamcho via photopin cc)

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