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Don’t Forget These Holiday Travel Essentials

January 11th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Don’t Forget These Holiday Travel Essentials

Js0101It’s officially winter, and many of us are thinking about warmer climates. Some of us traveled for the holiday (or, like Jason Hartman, before the holiday) and some of us are just gearing up for it. But before you hop on that airplane, there are a few things to remember—aside from the extra dose of Vitamin C.

First, don’t forget the food and beverage. While airlines won’t allow you to bring much through security, you can get away with a reusable water bottle that you may fill behind the airport security checkpoint. Especially during this season of sickness, you’ll want to stay hydrated. Plus, when you get to your destination, you’ll have a water bottle for daily excursions, hikes, workouts, or daily activities. Also pack a few healthy snacks—a piece of fruit or a pack of nuts will go a long way if you’re doing the same.

Next, grab some portable hand sanitizer. If you’re going somewhere like Vegas, this is especially important. Surfaces that are frequently touched (like handrails or touch screens) acquire a lot of germs, and public restrooms are always hardest to find when you need them. Slip some hand sanitizer into your pocket or purse and ensure a healthy journey. You may also want to grab some mints or chewing gum for those times you are unable to brush your teeth after meals or drinks.

Bring a few different items from your medicine cabinet too. Antihistamines will take care of food/pet/air allergies for a little while, and some basic painkillers should take care of the rest, especially if it is a short trip. Stash a few spare Band-Aids in your purse lest you be stranded without them too. Pepto, Vitamin C, and Kleenex will round out your first aid needs and make for a happy and healthy trip by plane, train, or automobile.

Finally, remember all of your important documents and make sure they’re in one place. Always carry two forms of ID in case something happens to the first. Also try and keep more than one form of payment on you too—and notify your bank that you’ll be traveling out of town, city, or country so they don’t suspend your account for strange activity. This is especially important around the holidays, when scams are high and bank security is elevated.

Got it? You’re ready to go! Safe and happy travels.



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