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Make Your Property Appealing to the Chinese Market

December 28th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Make Your Property Appealing to the Chinese Market

Slide1As the Chinese economy continues to grow, many of Jason Hartman’s investors are looking overseas for potential investments. The country offers surprising diversity, and hosts both commercial and residential business opportunities. In addition to investing in international real estate, you might also find yourself selling your US-based real estate property to Chinese businesspeople or recent immigrants.

Either way, there are a few bits of knowledge that might help you out along the way. For example, Chinese immigrants tend to invest in real estate before any other investment decision. This is for a couple of reasons—first, US law ensures a safe and fair transaction, which is appealing to anyone learning a new culture and country. Next, the Chinese government has limited the amount of land titles any one person can hold to one or two in certain areas.

This makes the United States an important investment market for Chinese citizens interested in investing in as much property as they’re willing and able to buy. If you’ve been holding onto investment property that you’re interested in offloading, you can make it more appealing to a Chinese market by simply having a person on-hand who can communicate in Chinese. Translators are often available for temporary hire.

Another strategy for selling your property in the Chinese market is to consider a full service approach. This might include servicing your clients by picking them up at the airport, showing them local areas of interest, providing advice on neighborhood schools, etc. The full service approach is meant to sell a property and a community, and is a great way for you to set yourself apart from others selling similar properties. For individuals unfamiliar with an area, this is a great selling point.

In China, personal relationships are held in high regard—this extends to the business sector. Trust is essential for successful business experiences, so focus on developing positive relationships. It is more likely that someone will be impressed by your personality and willingness to serve than by your sales record.

While this is especially true in Chinese markets, these principles are sound practices, no matter the country in which you’re conducting business. Always place personal, professional relationships at the front and center of your business strategy and you’ll be a successful investor and businessperson. Plus, you’ll sell that property. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/donsullivan/9634280647/)


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