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Considerations for the Would-Be Expatriate

October 26th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Considerations for the Would-Be Expatriate

Slide1As more and more baby boomers are hitting retirement age, the number of expatriates or those who are thinking about it is drastically increasing. For Brits, it is as high as one in eight. While an international move might seem like something of a pipe dream, it could easily become a reality with the right preparation.

If you’re considering packing it all up and sailing across the sea, keep these things in mind:

Educate Yourself

For anyone who has done any amount of traveling (like Jason Hartman), an international move is more likely to actually occur, so travel to the country you’re considering is, of course, advised. This will allow you to explore potential housing options, try the food, and try your tongue at the language.

You’ll also be able to begin to assimilate yourself to the country. So travel extensively and read a few books before you start labeling boxes!


Then, it will become important to save a bit of money. For many, this could include selling property, etc. You might also consider renting your house out in your absence, assuming you’re willing to pay a company to handle property management. This way, you’ll receive some consistent income, even from abroad.

Explore the variety of options available and find one that is best for you. Having a sufficient amount of savings will ensure your move goes smoothly and eliminate stressors related to money that you may experience.


Especially if you don’t speak the language, finding employment (assuming you want or have to work) may prove challenging. A potentially easy solution to this (if you have existing business and/or investment experience) is investing in real estate. This way, you utilize your existing skills while making money in a new home. You might also consider offering your services as an English tutor. You’ll improve your own language skills in the process!


One of the most important considerations for those considering a cross-cultural, international move is proximity to family. In places like the United Kingdom, travel is relatively inexpensive and easy. If you’re living in the United States, it is infinitely more difficult. Speak to your friends and family and talk about options you might have for traveling or hosting visitors, and make sure you won’t find yourself lonely and missing home.

If you’ve carefully considered your options, educated yourself, and saved some cash, pack your suitcase! Life abroad will be an experience you’re happy to have. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pensiero/321280886/)

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