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Your Perfect Vacation: Cruise v. Yacht Charter

September 14th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Your Perfect Vacation: Cruise v. Yacht Charter

seeking an ideal vacation, consider a luxury yacht charter over a cruise ship. You’ve worked hard for your money and followed Jason Hartman’s advice for financial security. You have the right to the best sailing experience, one that cannot be achieved while on a cruise ship.


On a yacht charter, you choose who joins you for your private sailing vacation. You can bring family members, friends, or even co-workers. Most yachts sleep at least ten people and corporate charters can accommodate up to one hundred guests. But on a cruise ship, you are stuck with whoever else books their

vacation at the same time you do. You are stuck with the uncouth, the obnoxious, the rowdy, the rude. On a cruise, your room – whether it’s an interior cabin, a room with a view, or a suite – may be next to a couple that argues late into the night or perhaps worse, one that makes up all night long. On a yacht, the whole boat is yours.


Cruise ships sail to all parts of the world. You can go wherever you want to go by selecting the right ship. However, the ship will follow a pre-determined route and will not deviate from it. No matter where you sail, the port will be crowded, because when you disembark, so do all of the other cruise ship’s passengers. You will stand in lines to dine out, to buy souvenirs, and even to get the best place on the beach. Then you’ll line up to board your ship again and stand in line again at the buffet.

On a yacht charter, you can leave the crowds behind. Ask your captain to sail you to a deserted island. Hunt out secret coves to enjoy. If you head into port and a cruise ship is there, you can simply sail to the next port for a quiet evening on land.


On a cruise ship, you share everything. The rooms are identical, with duplicate bedspreads and replica artwork. The food is laid out and shared with all passengers. Even the events are enjoyed as a part of the audience.

On a yacht charter, everything is yours. The rooms are uniquely-designed using the finest materials, from bamboo to silk to gold-trimmed accents. Luxury yachts often have a Jacuzzi on deck and come with a myriad of water toys. They supply the fishing equipment for deep sea fishing expeditions. You have your own tender. Meals are custom-made with your likes and dislikes in mind. Some charters have a licensed masseuse on board and others have an entire exercise room with all of the equipment.

Chartering a luxury yacht will ensure that you get the vacation that you want without having to share it with the crowds. (Top image: Flickr | Ben+Sam)

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