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Personal Investment Coaching From Jason Hartman (and Coco)

December 31st, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Personal Investment Coaching From Jason Hartman (and Coco)

We recently spotted Jason Hartman’s new puppy, Coco, hanging out in the educational products section at the office. Random coincidence, precognition, or just a great photo opportunity? Maybe all three, but the more important point is that the approach of 2013 is a terrific time to browse Jason’s selection of products designed to help you reach the land of financial independence through income property investing in the shortest amount of time possible and at the lowest cost.
Regardless of your real estate experience level, there are currently more than a dozen educational products to choose from ranging from loan modification/short sale forms to personal coaching from Jason to the Masters Weekend Home Study Course. One that has proven to be popular with clients is the One-on-One Coaching Program:

Many people feel that their financial future has never been more uncertain. Conversations about “when” to retire have been replaced with “if retirement is possible.” The stock market hasn’t inspired very much faith because of its tremendous volatility and CD’s pay rates of return that are so low they barely merit consideration. This has left people wondering what can be done to protect their wealth and create a comfortable retirement.

The answer to this dilemma is being provided by Jason Hartman. As CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, Jason has extensive firsthand experience with the power of income real estate as an investment to create and protect wealth. His knowledge has guided many people to financial freedom and can do the same for you. Jason Hartman’s Inner Circle is a comprehensive coaching program that is available for both

individual and group instruction.

For those who are looking to turbo-charge their ascendancy to financial success, Jason offers an individual coaching program where you will meet one on one with Jason for 13 sessions. In addition to this, the coaching program includes a VIP event pass to the Masters Weekend and Creating Wealth Bootcamp, a full

library of the Creating Wealth show in book form and on CD, a full-year subscription to the Financial Freedom Report newsletter, and an area tour with Jason where you can see the process he goes through in selecting properties firsthand. With $4,473 in free bonuses, Jason’s inner circle is a tremendous value at $4,997.

Join today and get the following FREE bonuses:

• Bonus #1 – VIP event pass for two people for The Masters Weekend and The Creating Wealth Bootcamp – value $897 + $397 = $1,294
• Bonus #2 – Creating Wealth Library – 5 beautifully illustrated manuals over 200 pages each and 100 audio shows – (90 hours of content) – value $985
• Bonus #3 – Financial Freedom Report newsletter – value $197
• Bonus #4 – Area Tour – meet with Jason for two days in one of our markets to view properties and evaluate deals “hands on” – value $1,997

Whether you’re looking for relief from onerous mortgage terms or simply want to learn how to invest in history’s best asset – real estate – browse Jason’s entire selection of educational products, please visit JasonHartman.com.

The JetSetter Team