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Win This Contest To Support Your Jetsetting Lifestyle

September 16th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Win This Contest To Support Your Jetsetting Lifestyle

Masters Weekend ContestWhat's the biggest obstacle to grabbing onto the glob-trotting, jetsetter lifestyle you crave so much? Taking a wild guess – money! Yep, the down and dirty truth of the matter is that, unless you're a trust fund baby, the bank account to back up your wild credit card swiping has to come from somewhere. Many jetsetters look to real estate investment, especially income properties, as a hands-off approach to generate passive income while they're helping form the world's largest conga line at a beach party in Buenos Aires.

Don't know anything about real estate?

Doesn't matter. You can learn everything you need to know about creating a lifetime of wealth through real estate investment at a two day event, The Masters Weekend, hosted by our sister company, Platinum Properties Investor Network (PPIN). Not enough pennies in the couch to scrounge the $1,497 for a ticket? You're in luck. PPIN is hosting a contest to give away two tickets. And it's a pretty cool, perhaps even swanky, contest if we do say so ourselves

. The unique factor of this giveaway is that it draws on the power of your social media contacts to increase your chances of winning.

What is the Masters Weekend? It's two-day a gathering of real estate industry experts who are going to spill their guts about how to build a fortune. If you show up and take notes, it would be hard not to become a wealthy jetsetter.

Stop talking already, you damn blogger, and tell me where to go!

Simmer down, it's coming. Click the link below to enter the Masters Weekend Ticket Giveaway Contest. While you're there, watch a short video by PPIN founder and CEO, Jason Hartman who explains it all perfectly and succinctly. And if you think the background looks like he's taking a beach vacation, your assumption would be correct. Let that be a lesson to you – real estate investing can get you sandy vacations in exotic countries.

Here's the link to the Masters Weekend Ticket Giveaway Contest.

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