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Tropical vacation packing list

May 26th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Tropical vacation packing list

tropical vacationIf your family is anything like normal (and maybe they’re not but that’s okay), chances are someone is going to forget something important when it comes to vacation packing. In truth, most forgotten items are merely a nuisance and can either be replaced when you get there, or just go without, but why forget it if you don’t have to?

Here’s the Jetsetter suggestion for a tropical vacation packing list.

1. Put passport, air tickets, contact numbers and other important documents in a pouch to carry with you on the plane. At the resort, put the pouch in a safe.

2. Pack sunscreen flip-flops, and other beach gear in a carry on bag. If your room isn’t ready when you arrive, you can hit the beach or pool.

3. One set of dressier clothes and nice shoes if you might visit an upscale restaurant.

4. Light sweater or jacket. Tropical evenings and nights can be coolish.

5. Sunscreen, hat with visor, sunglasses to keep from getting fried by the sun. Take insect repellent if you plan on doing any hiking.

6. Scuba divers remember diving certification cards.

7. Long pants if the resort offers horseback riding.

8. Plenty of camera film, memory cards, and extra batteries. This is high dollar stuff if you have to buy it at the resort.

9. Extra pair of contacts or glasses.

10. Put prescription medicines in your carry on bag. Luggage can sometimes be lost or delayed.

11. Bring favorite DVDs, iPod, and laptop computer. Find out if there is in-room or wireless internet access. Carry your laptop on the plane with you.

Don’t worry about towels, irons, hair dryers and the like. Resorts will have those. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of what you should pack but remember to include all these and your trip is sure to be much more enjoyable. Don’t believe us? Try riding a horse in a bathing suit.

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