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Travel to Venice on a Budget

August 3rd, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Travel to Venice on a Budget

travel to VeniceTravel to Venice, Italy, is high on the wish list of many budget travelers. Heck, for ANY traveler. Who wouldn’t want to kick back in a gondola with their sweetie and let some guy with a long pole sweep you through the watery streets? Problem is, it seems like every other person in the world wants to visit this historic part of Europe too. Big demand means big prices. Here are some ideas to bring that trip back within your budget.

Aim for the off-season. Venice is hot and crowded in the summer and maybe that’s the only time of year you can swing a visit. If so, sorry, it’s going to be more expensive. However, move your trip to the winter and watch prices drop. That’ll keep you out of the elbow to elbow with sweaty, ill-tempered folks scene. Remember that Venice is not a tropical city. Winter requires a coat!

Make hotel reservations well in advance. Budget travelers are notoriously spontaneous but Venice is one city where that impulse could result in sleeping on the sidewalk. Avoid the nose bleed prices and sellouts during your travel to Venice by booking a room on the mainland in the city of Mestre. It’s no Venice but sure is cheaper.

Buy water bus passes. The water bus, or vaporetto, is equivalent to the subway in other cities. A single ride costs almost $9 US. Opt for the 24 hour pass for $23, 48 hour card for $36 or, best of all if you’re there for a while, the week long pass for $64. Discount cards to attractions are also available for purchase.

For the uninitiated, keep in mind that high pressure sales pitches don’t disappear when you travel to Venice. Some hotels offer a special “free” boat ride and tour that is merely an excuse to hit you with a timeshare style pitch to buy world renowned Murano glass. Don’t be shamed into it unless you really want the stuff. It can be bought cheaper from other vendors.

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