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Test drive a new country

April 20th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Test drive a new country

travelIt's been happening for years, people flying quietly under the radar, saving more money on extended vacation lodging than you might ever imagine. How? It's simple – trade houses with someone who lives in a country you'd like to see.

We're not talking permanent relocation here. Think of it more as a vacation house swap.

Doesn't matter if you have a sprawling ranch in Montana or tiny studio apartment in New York City. There's a good chance someone, somewhere, would love to swap places for a few weeks, months, or longer. It's happening right now everyday on websites like www.RoofSwap.com. With a broad range of travel destinations available around the world, and new selections being added daily, give it a visit.

Want to head down to Panama and see if it really is the paradise everyone says? Maybe you'll hate the heat and bugs. Maybe you'll love the mountains. What better way to find out than swap houses with a local who always wanted to try cattle roping. If you're not used to thinking like this, it might seem a bit unseemly. Come on – that's just your stick-in-the-mud gland talking.

At the Jetsetter Show, we think a house swap is a great idea. Obviously, use your judgment and don't arrange a swap with a known drug kingpin or mafia boss. Other than that, get busy swapping. It could be your low cost ticket to adventure undreamed.

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