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Travel to Tulum And Find Your Inner Hippie

September 22nd, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Travel to Tulum And Find Your Inner Hippie

travel to TulumExpats are discovering that travel to Tulum, Mexico, is like finding your inner hippie. Maybe you never were a hippie but kind of wanted to be. Maybe not. Maybe you’re just into nature, community, and big helping of relaxation. Tulum is a small town on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula that, despite an explosion of growth, actually has a plan in place to manage the increased demands in harmony with the environment.

In a word, the city is prepared to grow in such a way that it doesn’t ruin the very thing that brought people there in the first place. For expats interested in travel to Tulum, expect to find sub-tropical forests, long, wide beaches and the mystical influence of a Mayan past hanging over everything. While some of Tulum’s beaches have become known around the world, it’s still easy to find long stretches of sand with hardly another human nearby, perfect for downshifting from the rest of the world. The turquoise Caribbean on one side and verdant jungle on the other has caused many a visitor to lapse into a hypnotic dream state they swear never to leave.

From biosphere preserves rich with an incredible diversity of animals and plants to the eco-themed parks designed to put you in touch with the area’s history, nature, and culture, you’ll never lack for activities to activate your “get outside” bone. But is it for you? Maybe a week or month long trip would be in order. As with any new area, it takes awhile to settle in and discern the true vibe of the place. Maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll break the beads, tie-dyed shirts and start channeling Jerry Garcia.

Then again, you might say, “To hell with this.”

But for jetsetting, aging hippies, travel to Tulum could be just what you’ve been looking for.

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