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Touch Screen Coffee Table – Huh?

May 1st, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Touch Screen Coffee Table – Huh?

JS0404If you’re still carrying around a flip phone, even one of those used-to-be-hip ones, you’re probably getting a lot of flak. If you’ve upgraded to a Blackberry, you’re probably still being made fun of (unless you’re the parent of adult children who will begrudgingly explain the technology to you). The reality is, we live in a world of smartphones—a world of touchscreens.

In fact, many of our computers have embraced this technology. It’s become fairly ubiquitous, and for techies like Jason Hartman, it’s an exciting (and exceedingly productive) time. We’ve seen the touchscreen transition from phone to computer to….coffee table?

That’s right! A 46 inch Android tablet coffee table is on the way! The tablet is capable of responding to 60 touches at the same time—and, it holds your beverage. A company called Ideum showed off the design this February at the Digital Signage Expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With full HD display, a 64-bit Intel processor, and 46 inches of touchable surface, the tablet is fast, accurate, and huge. But if you’ve ever owned a smartphone and accidently dropped it only to have the screen shatter, you’re probably concerned about the strength of such an expensive piece of furniture. Fear not! The screen has been strengthened to accommodate glasses, plates, serving bowls.

Drop your phone in a puddle and have to Google “ways to fix water damage”? Ideum has thought of that too! The tablet table is designed to withstand (some) water damage so your accident-prone friends won’t ruin your new toy.

The table has 500 GB and wireless connectivity (wifi and Bluetooth) too, so you should have no trouble syncing your devices. Expect Android version 4.1, which means the Google Play store will be your friend—everything from it will be compatible with your big new device. And expect more—the multiuser interface promises a host of multiuser apps and games in the works for the new technology.

Of course, this level of table luxury comes with a hefty price tag–$7,000. When it hits the market, expect to see coffee shops and small restaurants/hangouts being targeted. But if you want one for your living room, we’re sure Ideum would be happy to accommodate your needs!

(photo credit: Brendan Lynch via photopin cc)

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