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The Value of Vacations

February 10th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on The Value of Vacations

JS112While vacations might be an extra expense, we’re here to tell you that there’s no real way to measure their value. As the weather remains cold (and snowy and foggy), you’re probably feeling the stress of the year more than ever. It’s almost tax season, and while Jason Hartman encourages you to consider investment opportunities once that all-important return comes through, maybe you should put a little aside, just for you.

Reward yourself with a vacation by saving for it. In fact, begin saving for it well in advance. If you open a savings account for annual vacation use, you’ll probably end up saving even more. This account will also help you stay on budget. Saving early is the key—put it all on a credit card and you’ll return home to some unfortunate bills you might have a hard time paying.

When you make your vacation budget, be sure that it is entirely comprehensive. Lodging, transportation, entertainment, and food should all be included. Think about bus fare, tolls, etc. to ensure that you’ve got a complete budget.

Another way to save on vacation is to be flexible. If you’re able to travel during the week, you’ll probably save money on flights or other travel expenses. Also consider finding lodging that allows for you to cook in room. Many condos, hotels, and time shares offer kitchenettes that are stocked with dishes so you can prepare meals in your rooms. At the very least, back a variety of snacks—granola bars, peanut butter, and nuts will go a long way. You’ll save on snacks and have more money for fun excursions.

Book things online when you can—they’ll be cheaper. Also, share accommodations if possible. Offer friends and family money to stay with them, travel with other families, or camp to cut down on expenses.

You aren’t going to get rich fast if you vacation, but you’ll undoubtedly be a lot happier. Making travel a priority is something anyone can do—by shopping carefully, saving money, and investigating opportunities for money-making investments, anyone can vacation!

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