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Lose the Baggage: Leaving the Suitcase at Home

May 21st, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on Lose the Baggage: Leaving the Suitcase at Home

JS0508You may have noticed that nearly all airlines are charging for bags these days—and even if money is no issue, you may resist the fee. It’s often frustrating to be asked to pay for something that was once provided, particularly if you’re already shelling out the cash for an expensive ticket. Plus, traveling with bags means that the airline has the opportunity to lose them.

When you travel as much as Jason Hartman, you’re bound to deal with lost luggage. To prevent this, simply embrace the opportunity to travel without a suitcase! But don’t hop on that airplane just yet—we’ve got a few tips to help make your journey a safe and happy one!

One word: technology. Smartphones are the perfect accessory for going without bags on your journey. You can store your travel documents (from boarding passes to passports) electronically, make international phone calls, and write a blog. You can download a scanner app, use a GPS, and even read books. If small screens frustrate you, there are Bluetooth keyboards and projector screens for your convenience. Smartphones really serve a number of purposes while traveling—and save a lot of space.

Next, you’ll want to carefully choose your footwear. Assuming you’ve packed no bags, this is especially important. Comfortable, already broke in shoes will be the key to your international happiness. Something that’s easy to take off during airport security stops but can withstand both city and wilderness is ideal. While sandals might work, closed-toed shoes are ultimately more versatile. Invest in a comfortable and durable pair of shoes that will make the journey with you.

You’ll want to get comfortable borrowing (or buying) items as you go. If you’re on the beach, it won’t cost you much to pick up a simple pair of sandals, and you won’t feel guilty giving them away when you head home. Even in remote countries, pharmacies offer the basics—medicine, toothpaste, umbrellas. Save space and pick up these items on the cheap.

Even travelers who leave baggage at home are allowed a small backpack—but what to put in it? A good rule of thumb is to only include items that you’ll use every single day of your trip. Look for smaller versions of these things—collapsible tooth and hair brushes and mini sticks of deodorant. Look for multipurpose items like soap you can wash your hair, body and clothes with.

When you’re choosing clothes to wear, look for those with a lot of pockets. Hidden inside pockets are great for storing travel documents, mobile phones, and money, while outside pockets can hold almost anything else. A lot of places make travel specialty clothing to make you look less dorky and more like a savvy traveler. You will want to bring a few items of spare clothing—socks, underwear, and a shirt of two that will fit in one of your pockets is a good choice. You’ll be able to wash everything in a sink as you travel.

If you happen to pick up souvenirs, mail them home. If you’re traveling across multiple climates, you can mail your gear in advance.

Ultimately, the travel experience is about just that—the experience. Travel light, travel heavy, just make sure you’re traveling!

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