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Tahiti vs. Fiji

February 18th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Tahiti vs. Fiji

Spend some time online looking at photos of the sprawling beaches and soaring mountains of this island chain and you’ll be ready to slit your wrist if you can’t depart on vacation immediately. The great thing about pictures is they can’t even justice to the reality. This is a land of dramatic island scenery, though visitors might be slightly underimpressed that the shores aren’t typically blessed with wide, expanses of sand. No worries, the palm trees and turquoise blue-green of the water more than make up for

it. The main problem with Tahiti is that too many people have heard about it, and what used to be a quaint, out of the way retreat for adventure travelers has become a tourist boom town, with all the price gouging and eye clutter that entails. While Bora Bora used to be the big draw, these days it’s the prime offender. If you go to Tahiti and stay there, make sure to see some of the other islands as well.

Though not as visually stunning as Tahiti, in the opinion of some, that’s a tough standard to live up to and doesn’t mean the place should be shunned. On the contrary, it’s stunning example of tropical splendor in its own right. Though the Fijian island chain is possessed of mountain ranges also, they don’t live up to the Tahitian standard. Fiji also has more small, flat islands, covered with palm trees, that barely jut out of the water. We kind of like that Robinson Crusoe theme ourselves. If diving is your thing, consider Fiji slightly superior in that respect, while Tahiti is the place to go for snorkeling.

So which do you choose after carefully considering all your options? At the Jetsetter Show, we suggest you use the tried and true method that we generally resort to when faced with a choice that has no wrong answer.

Flip a coin!

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