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Airport Survival for the Business Traveler

April 25th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Airport Survival for the Business Traveler

JetsetterShow.comIf a group of reasonably intelligent people were to sit down and design a system which behaved perfectly in every respect, the odds are low that the end result would be an airport. And it’s the business traveler who knows better than most how order can so quickly deteriorate into chaos in that environment. Frequent flyers would do well to adopt the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared.” You might be in need of this do/don’t list more than you imagine.

Don’t stand in line. When a flight is canceled, the immediate tendency is to jump into the massive conga line of frustrated travelers that forms at the airline’s ticket counter. Your first move should be to pick up your telephone and place a call to the airline instead. This is massively faster than waiting

in line.

Don’t pay attention to schedules. In a crisis, the chances are good that your flight is not the only late one, so what good is knowing the schedule of next flights going to do? Not much. Your first option should be to ask if there is an available seat on an earlier flight that hasn’t departed yet, which might still be sitting at the gate.

Do carry an old-fashioned flight guide. When seconds count and seats on alternate flights and routes are going fast, it’s quicker to flip out a portable guide than find it on your iPad. For $15 monthly or $150 per year, OAG Travel (http://www.oagtravel.com/ ) will mail an updated pocket guide to your door each month. This is an indispensable tool for the business traveler

Do fully charge everything. We’re not talking about credit cards, but rather electronics. Your cell phone, laptop, iPod, and PDA are your lifeline when you’re on the road. Though airports are getting better about offering electrical outlets, never leave the house half-charged.

Do book a room quickly. If you have the slightest inkling that your flight might be canceled, immediately call a nearby hotel and book a room for the night. Once again, don’t bother jumping on the Internet. Call the property directly. Most are used to the plight of a business traveler and won’t charge a same-day cancellation fee in the event you find an alternate flight.

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