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Shoot ‘Em Up – Take Better Photos While You Travel

March 19th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Shoot ‘Em Up – Take Better Photos While You Travel

JS0305While pictures that resemble postcards seem like a nice idea, they lack originality and can often be the most boring of vacation photos. If you can buy a replica in the airport as you are leaving the place you’ve just photographed, it may be time to rethink the way you’re making memories as you explore the globe.

While a photograph of the Statue of Liberty is kind of a staple, it probably isn’t what you most remember about your vacation. You pictures should capture the smalls of a place, the quirky side characters along the way, the people you’re sure to meet. They should address all of the senses and flood your brain with pleasant memories. To take more original photos that your friends and family will certainly enjoy more, follow these simple steps from Jason Hartman’s team:

First, look for interesting textual elements to add interest to your photographs. Think street signs, newspapers or magazines, price tags. Bonus points if they are written in a local language or are handmade in some way. These things add unique flare to your pictures and make them one of a kind.

Next, get a few people in there—local people doing local things will always be interesting. Candid shots that don’t feature a tourist in a loud shirt and fanny pack are best and help capture the mood of a particular place. When you can, create a photo story. Wide shots work well in combination with close-ups. Photo stories like these also make great pieces of art when framed.

If you’re traveling with a family, make sure to spruce up those more traditional “family in front of the Grand Canyon” shots. Take photos of people doing things when they aren’t looking, which will be great conversation sparkers later on. These types of photos will tell stories that stationary ones do not (and be a lot more fun for all involved).

If you must get landmark shots, try taking them in a different way. Close ups of industrial elements and patterns compliment more traditional shots for a more modern look. Similarly, if you must photograph food, keep it minimalistic and well lit.

Take photos of things that catch your attention, but don’t feel compelled to capture every little thing. New places are overwhelming, so find things that are interesting to you or help tell the story you want to tell. Carry a camera, but don’t worry about a lot of extra gear. Be ready to take photos when you feel like it, but don’t but a ton of stress on yourself. Travel light and learn to utilize the simple equipment you’ve brought! (photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc)

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