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Planning Your Luxury Honeymoon

July 23rd, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on Planning Your Luxury Honeymoon

For many couples, the honeymoon is the reward for the successful wedding. At the end of a strenuous planning process and enormous party, the honeymoon should be a luxurious vacation that begins what will be a long and happy marriage. Aside from a life spent with your beloved, a honeymoon is the ultimate reward for all your hard work.

But choosing a destination and planning out the details of your vacation can also prove to be stressful. Jason Hartman’s team thinks a lot about beautiful vacations, and hopes to offer you a bit of guidance.

Types of vacations

It will be important for you and your partner to decide what type of vacation suits your style. While some people enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, others are most content when they’re traveling around a heavily cultured area. Still others enjoy adventurous vacations, spa vacations, museum or city vacations. Decide which style or styles is best for you and begin exploring your options.

If you want a little bit of everything, you may consider a resort style vacation, which is usually complete with a spa, a beach, a number of guided activities. While it isn’t a great fit for the independent adventurer resort vacations often tend to strike a happen medium. You’ll have plenty of privacy, but also be close to a number of social and outdoor activities. Resorts are luxurious and beautiful–certainly worth checking out.

Your budget

Since you’re probably still in budget mode from the wedding, you might find it easy to talk about a honeymoon budget, which you’ll need. If you want a vacation where you don’t have to worry about money, an all-inclusive luxury vacation might be right for you. While these types of vacations may be more expensive, they’ll be completely stress free because you won’t worry about money.

Otherwise, decide the amount of money that you’d like to spend and divide it into categories based on how you’d like to spend money. Travel, luxuries, shopping, etc.

You may also want to think about booking a luxury honeymoon as early as possible. Resorts can fill up fast, and often offer discounted prices if you book well in advance. You’re already planning a wedding–add a honeymoon to it and make your life easier down the road!

Other considerations

The season

While you’re sure to think about the season in which you’ll have your wedding, you may not consider the season you plan to honeymoon. It’s an important consideration because certain areas may be better based on the season. They may also be more or less expensive.

Many areas experience inclement weather and this can seriously affect your vacation. Other areas may experience peak tourism which you will either want to join or stay far away from. If nothing else, you’ll want to consider the season when you begin packing your bags.

The proximity to home

You’ve probably taken a bit of vacation time in preparation for your wedding, so it might be important to limit your travel time come honeymoon season. If you’ve got a job demanding your attention, you may want to choose a luxury honeymoon destination that requires only a few hours aboard a plane.

Choosing a destination that is closer to home can give you more time to actually enjoy each other and your travels. You’ll be able to relax, spend time together, and check out all your destination has to offer–while limiting your transit time.

The availability of activities

It would be pretty terrible to book your honeymoon only to find that it didn’t offer the number or variety of activities you were hoping for. Las Vegas is the perfect honeymoon for a particular type of person–but if you don’t drink, swim, or gamble, you may find yourself overwhelmed and a bit bored. Think about the kinds of things you hope to be doing and book a honeymoon that adheres to these values.

Also think about interests that you and your partner share or can share on vacation. While you may love collecting sea shells, a beach honeymoon might not be mutually enjoyable. Compromise, because there are a ton of destinations to choose from!


Finally, focus on finding a honeymoon destination that offers even a little bit of romance. Unlike other vacations, your honeymoon is designed to offer time to be a couple outside of the confines of daily life. Overcrowded areas may not be as romantic as more secluded areas.

If there is a place that you have many shared memories, you might also consider including it in your honeymoon in one way or another.

A particular theme

While it isn’t for everyone, you may find that the best honeymoon for you encompasses a theme. You can go as general or specific as you desire–perhaps your theme is beach, perhaps it is rock and roll musicians of the 60’s. Take your passions and turn them into the type of honeymoon you’ll be talking about for years to come.

If travel time does not concern you, explore possibilities that involve more than one location. This might be a cruise that sails a considerable distance and stops in multiple spots. Alternatively, you may travel the countryside visiting baseball parks or following your favorite musician. Let the trip be whatever you want it to be!

Above all, find a great place that you can both enjoy! A luxury honeymoon is one in which you and your partner feel pampered, happy, and relaxed–so make it happen by doing some careful and thoughtful planning early on in the process. Book your arrangements as soon as you know when and where you’ll be traveling. Bon Voyage!

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