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Pick the Right Car for Your Image

April 5th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Pick the Right Car for Your Image

JS0307Practically speaking, any car that gets you from point A to point B is the right one, no matter your career field or position within a company. But as far as your image—the perception others have of you—is concerned, your choice of car can tell others a lot. So what is your choice of vehicle saying about you?

Employees often react negatively to cars that are too nice—a Porsche might say that the boss is doing a little too well. In studies, employees indicate that they feel undervalued and underpaid when bosses drive expensive cars. When employees resent your success, morale goes down. Even if you are able to afford an expensive car, think about the possible message it sends.

On the other hand, some employers feel that an expensive car, while potentially unpopular with employees, sends a positive message to potential investors. Luxury automobiles have long been signatures of success, and investors are likely to notice.

You could also choose a car that reflects your industry. If you’re involved in the technology industry, pick a techie car. If you’re the marketing type, go for something with more of a creative feel. Choose a car you think represents you personally and also your job, and you’ll likely send the message you want to send.

Still other CEOs focus on the function of the car and not necessarily the form. If you’re commuting a lot of miles, it just might make more sense to invest in a moderately priced commuter car and leave the luxury car at home. Something that is fuel efficient but classy will still get the job done, while presenting a good public image.

Your car, clothing, words, and social media profiles all work together to project an image of you to the public. Fortunately, you’re in control of each and can carefully craft an image you’re happy with. Perhaps your car suggests that you’re a highly motivated individual with an attention to detail. Perhaps it suggests that you’re an out-of-work college graduate with a love for Taco Bell. And perhaps it says something else entirely.

What do you think CEO Jason Hartman drives? Share your guesses below! (photo credit: Billy Wilson Photography via photopin cc)

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