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Movie Wrecks: Scuba Diving to Hollywood Props

September 13th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Movie Wrecks: Scuba Diving to Hollywood Props

you can tour movie set shipwrecks or props that have been sunk for lack of better disposal. Many of the sites are near New Providence in the center of the Bahamas.

The airplane wreck, for instance, was a prop in the Jaws 3 movie. For the movie, a stunt pilot crashed the small Cessna 310 aircraft, and it was later re-sunk in its current spot. It is located near the Clifton Wall in approximately fifty feet of water.

James Bond movies are notoriously associated with great dive sites. The Thunderball movie includes scenes from a dive

site known as the LCT wreck (sometimes referred to as the LST wreck, and now, simply called Thunderball). The vessel was a landing craft used in WWII. After the war, it was used to haul freight. During one fateful trip, the vessel began to take on water. The captain tried to save the cargo by running aground, but the ship was lost. It now sits in water ranging from a mere four feet to twenty feet deep and is a great dive for beginners. The hull of the ship is coated in fire coral, sea fans, and sponges of varying colors.

A fighter jet prop made of steel and fiberglass was also used in the James Bond movie, Thunderball. After filming for the movie was completed, the jet was sunk and makes a great dive site, known today as the Vulcan Bomber. All that remains of the plane today are its steel pipe framing, making it an eerie-looking dive. The Vulcan Bomber is near a site called the Tears of Allah, a 90-foot freight ship that was sunk for a James Bond movie and was also used in the movie Wet Gold as well as several commercials. The freighter was formally a drug running boat until it was confiscated by the law. The ship sits upright with a slight lean, and is sometimes called Never Soy Never Again or the Bond wreck.

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