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Luxury train travel alive and well in Europe

May 11th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Luxury train travel alive and well in Europe

JetsetterShow.comLooking for a great way to travel Europe? In case you didn’t notice, luxury trains like the Venice-Simplon Orient Express connect almost all the major cities of the continent. For about $4,000 per person, you can take a four day / three night London-Venice-Rome journey aboard the train that is the definition of luxury. Here’s an example itinerary.

Thursday – Board your British Pullman train in London. Your personal steward will show you to your seat. Curb your appetite with brunch as the English countryside falls away behind you, then it’s into the tunnel and out the other side in France, where you transfer to the continental train. Pre-dinner cocktails, a four course meal, and musical entertainment round out the evening.

Friday – Arise on Friday to the spectacular Swiss Alps for scenery and breakfast served in your cabin at a time you choose. It’s Italy in the afternoon and the transfer to your hotel for a two night stay in Venice. Unfortunately, the hotel bit is not included in the price of the train trip, so prepare to dig deeper in the wallet for that.

Saturday – Enjoy a day of watery leisure in Venice.

Sunday – You’re back on the train and off to Rome. It’s more excellent food, drinks, chat in the bar, and watching the countryside slide by.

Sound good? We think so. Try this trip, or any of dozens of other European destination combinations to get a unique perspective on the old world. Maybe you’ve seen bits and pieces of the continent but an old-fashioned romantic dawdling trip by train is unlike any other method of travel. You might even find a country you like better than your own.

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