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Little House, Big Dreams

January 5th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Little House, Big Dreams

JS1211In times of economic hardship, we’re seeing all kinds of innovative ways to make ends meet. Adult children are moving in with their parents, overqualified people are taking whatever jobs they can find, people of all income levels are donating plasma for a few extra bucks. Desperate times call for desperate measures, certainly. But they can also call for innovative measures.

Take, for example, the growing trend of the ‘tiny house’, popping up across the United States and even abroad. These structures, usually around 200 square feet, are special structures designed to maximize space and minimize cost. For around $11,000 people are building homes using their own creativity, the advice of professionals who happen to be friends, and the great YouTube.

The trend is gaining popularity not only because of the rising cost of building, land, and electricity—but because we’re becoming more aware of what we are actually using. People are finding that they’re not using the space they do have—bedrooms that go unopened and unused for long periods of time, three car garages sitting mostly empty. The tiny house provides an answer to each of these problems. Lower electricity and utility bills, houses built to maximize each and every space, minute parcels of land required to establish a home.

For many, the process is relatively easy. Sure, there’s difficulty in wiring an electrical system or actually constructing a house—but these problems are easily solved with the help of the internet. If you’ve got the time, chances are that you can build a tiny house too—a possible solution if you, like Jason Hartman, travel often or don’t otherwise spend much time at home.

Tiny houses are all about the maximization of space, but don’t neglect basic needs. Most have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens that contain enough room for multiple people. They’re also customizable—if you have a pet that sleeps in your room, build stairs. If you’re an artist who desires window space, build in a desk anywhere you’d like. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless.

While living in a tiny home may take a bit of adjustment, those who have tried it say that anyone can learn to live this way. It’s a great way to cut down on clutter and live more simply, all while cutting down on expenses. And, the internet is filled with success stories and great resources for you to check out if you think this is something you might be interested in. Check it out!(http://www.flickr.com/photos/rowdykittens/8367718191/)


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