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JS 105 – Steve Sims of The Bluefish and BLUEcause

November 14th, 2015 by Jason | Comments Off on JS 105 – Steve Sims of The Bluefish and BLUEcause

The party planner of your dreams.

No dream is too big to be realized. If you really want to wash the Pope’s feet or bungee jump with Ashton Kutcher, Steve Sims is the guy to call to make it happen. If you can pay for it, you can do it. The Bluefish will customize your next experience or build the perfect itinerary for your next event.

Key Takeaways:

[1:19] We are the Wizard of Oz of experiences

[2:58] Our credibility works in our favor when we need to make a wish come true

[4:42] A stockbroker for a day

[5:52] I was designing an event without really knowing what I was doing

[9:57] Paying well is the best way to open doors

[11:58] We do fixed itinerary group events and customized experiences

[13:31] Examples of our best work

[15:17] Tips for direct access to events you want to attend

[17:10] Password protected parties

[19:15] BLUEcause facilitates celebrity encounters to benefit charities


The Bluefish

Ugly Sims


Closing down a museum to have lunch at the statue of David’s feet is not beyond our reach.

Do you have a dream encounter, vacation or experience you would like to have but don’t know where to start, call Bluefish.

Before throwing your money at an experience try using a bit of imagination to enjoy yourself first.