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How to deal with air travel cancellations

June 30th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on How to deal with air travel cancellations

Jetsetter ShowThe reality of air travel is that sometimes flights are canceled. Is the appropriate response to barge to the front of the check-in line screaming obscenities at the hapless counter clerk? The Jetsetter opinion is that such behavior only earns you a visit with a TSA employee in a little room with no windows and, ultimately, doesn’t help anything.

Here are a few sane ideas to deal with the eventuality of canceled air travel.

Sign up for alerts: Wouldn’t it be nicer to know there is a cancellation before you get to the airport? Even better, before you even leave the house? Set up every alert imaginable – email, telephone, voice mail – it’s not hard or time consuming.

Check the airline website: Having given out the previous advice, there’s always a chance the alert system fails. Before departing the house, hop on the computer and check the airline’s website to make sure your flight has not been delayed or canceled. So little time invested for such a huge payoff.

Know your ticket limitations: Who reads all that fine print gobbledy gook, especially if you’re a frequent flier? Well, you should. Know the exact terms of the ticket you purchased and the process of re-booking. Could save a brain aneurysm if you know what to expect up front.

Stay calm: Screaming and antagonizing airline employees doesn’t help. In this case, the squeaky wheel does not get the grease. There are lots of passengers in your situation and they’re all important in their own mind. Losing your cool will cause more stress for everyone and probably earn you worse service as well.

Implement these strategies every time you fly and air travel cancellations won’t be nearly as big of a deal.

The Jetsetter Team

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