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Gunkhole Cruising – What's That?!

July 17th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Gunkhole Cruising – What's That?!

For some, the over-the-top nature of a big name cruise ship experience is all they could ever want from life. These floating homages to eating, gambling, entertainment and more set the stage for a perfect vacation. To others, the in-your-face excess of it all ruins the experience of going to sea. Now there’s an alternative for traveler who seeks a downsized version of cruising. Let’s call it gunkhole cruising. In simple terms, gunkhole cruises go where the big ships can’t.

These smaller, more streamlined trips specialize in finding shallow water dockages perfect for kayaking, beachcombing, snorkeling, or swimming, and the best part is the big boys’ can’t get there without getting their city sized ship stuck. Though there will be other passengers on board your ship, a gunkhole cruise is more like a yacht excursion than anything else.

CoastalBoating.net says: “…shallow anchorage that was dicey at best to get into in the first place and impossible to leave behind after experiencing. It’s the place where you might be all alone, at least for most of the time, unless you count the wildlife. It’s the place you never mention to anyone for fear of spoiling what only you alone know about. It’s the place you dream about. A yachter’s paradise of quiet, scenic anchorages.”

While it’s true that a gunkhole cruise probably can’t be compared price-wise to the big name cruise lines, they do offer more flexible itineraries, a very appealing crew to guest ratio, and the kind of personalized service that might make the additional expense seem worthwhile. American Safari Cruises, based out Seattle, is one company that specializes in the gunkhole cruise.

For $3,995 per person you get all your meals paid, fine wine, premium beers and microbrews, all port charges and transfer costs, plus access to all the recreation equipment you need to make the trip a smashing success. To get an idea of the amount of downsizing, one ship, The Safari Spirit, accommodates only 22 guests, so if you’re looking to get away from the glitz and crushing crowds of the one-size-fits-all cruise industry, take a look at gunkholing. You might find it fits your personality quite well.

It’s like having your own (almost) private

yacht without having to actually buy one yourself.

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