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Great travel deal to Guatemala – is it safe to go?

March 16th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Great travel deal to Guatemala – is it safe to go?

If you’ve been looking for a crazy cheap price to visit the Latin American country of Guatemala, your ship has come in! To be more accurate, your plane has arrived. While they last, you can grab a five day trip for $399 per person. Why go to Guatemala? No particular reason unless you like ancient Mayan cities, open air markets, 400 year old churches, and a diverse geography begging to be discovered.

Lake Atitlan is a can’t miss. This body of water fills the crater of what used to be a volcano and is, allegedly, the most beautiful lake in the world today.

What’s included in this low price?

  • Round trip airfare from New York (other cities cost a bit more) to Guatemala City
  • Four nights in upscale hotels (pay your money and take your chances)
  • Daily breakfast (catch your own – just kidding)
  • Sightseeing itinerary by motor coach
  • Other airport and attraction fees

Is it even safe to visit Guatemala? “Safe” is such a relative term. One thing is certain, it’s safer than it used to be. Warring factions signed a peace agreement in 1996, ending 36 years of armed conflict. So far, so good. The American Department of State says that, generally, areas developed for tourism are in good to excellent condition. The thing to keep in mind is that the wide disparity of income has created a citizenship of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Violent crime can flare in the blink of an eye if you wander into the wrong neighborhood.

Are you up for quasi-adventure travel? Keep this in mind. Guatemala is at the same crossroad Panama, Costa Rica and, to a lesser degree, Nicaragua, were in recent decades. Now would be the time to get in while the prices are cheap. This particular trip is offered by Gate 1 Travel. You can learn more about this trip by clicking HERE to visit their website. If the $399 price is no longer listed, you’re too late.

The JetSetter Team

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