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Fund Your Dreams With Property Investing

March 27th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Fund Your Dreams With Property Investing

you can begin making $200 to $400 per month with turnkey rental properties. Jason Hartman is currently offering access to his Income Property Investment Tour in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis property prices are extremely low and yet rent prices are high, with many tenants seeking rental homes. Additionally, with the current low interest rates, investors have an opportunity to truly create a passive income line through turnkey properties which not only offer a monthly cash flow, but also have built in equity.

Imagine having extra income each month to apply to bills, purchase items you normally cannot buy, or save for a fabulous vacation to the Bahamas. With real estate investing, you can take advantage of the housing market troubles and create wealth to realize your dreams.

The Memphis bus tour not only shows you homes that are available and ready to rent, but also allows you the opportunity to talk to the team of Local Market Specialists (or LMS) from the market area. They are familiar with the houses and the neighborhoods and can help you find an investment property that will surely provide you with an excellent cash flow source. Not only that, Jason Hartman’s investing team, who have countless years experience investing in cash flow properties, will discuss real estate investing in depth and answer your questions so that you will understand the steps to becoming a successful investor.

The Memphis Wealth Building Bus Tour and Real Estate Education will begin on April 26th at the Hilton in Memphis. The three-day event will expose you to turnkey properties which have already been fully renovated and are ready to rent out immediately. The homes on the tour are priced below market value and are capable of earning a high ROI right away.

On this investment tour, you will learn about:

· Asset Protection and Estate Planning

· Financing Options

· How to Invest Using Your IRA/Retirement Accounts

· Property Management

· Renovation Budgeting

· Project Management

· Tax Strategies

· Property Insurance

· Title and Escrow

Register today for the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Buy that sports car. Sail a yacht to the British Virgin Islands. Buy a vacation home in Greece. Whatever your dream may be, income from property investing can fund it. (Top image: Flickr | Small_Realm)

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