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Expat Living and the Job Hunt

August 20th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Expat Living and the Job Hunt

expat livingNot being able to find a job is a nightmare come true for the expat living abroad. Believe us, it happens sometimes. The hunt for gainful employment is never easy no matter where in the world you live, perhaps these days more than ever, with the world economy going through such a trying phase. Any of the following obstacles can rear their ugly head:

1. Can’t get a work permit
2. Scarce job prospects
3. You need a flexible work schedule
4. Don’t know where to look next
5. Running out of money

Maybe you’re having a really bad day and suffering from a combination of the above. Yikes. What can you do? At Jetsetter, we think it might be time that you quit thinking like a worker bee and start thinking like a businessman (or businesswoman). Expat living often forces one to think creatively so why not throw your efforts into starting a freelance or consulting service? Surely there’s something you can dig out of the old noggin, some information or skill, you could legitimately charge someone else for.

The trick is to stop scouting for jobs and start scouting clients. Set up business meetings with potential clients rather than nerve-wracking interviews with potential employers. A simple one-person business is not that complicated. Many countries don’t even require a work permit for this kind of endeavor, though it would be an extra good idea to check local regulations.

We shouldn’t even have to extoll the possible virtues of owning a business, but we will. How about multiple income streams, a flexible lifestyle a portable career, and maybe, just maybe get your foot in the door to work for that great company you’ve been eyeing. Or not. Expat living is all about the freedom to enjoy your new world and the best way to do that might be by remaining in control of your own destiny through self-employment.

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