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Air Tran loves the beach

April 30th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Air Tran loves the beach

travel dealsFor anyone who lives in a place defined as “not the beach”, summer is a great time to start looking for really really cheap airfare from your favorite budget airline in order to get yourself closer to a place defined as “the beach.” Jetsetter noticed that Air Tran is running a summer long sale that starts at $44 for a one-way ticket to warm, sandy destinations, a few of which we’ve listed below.

Orlando-Nassau … $44
Atlanta-Newport News … $54
Dallas-Tampa … $77
Baltimore-Pensacola … $84
Kansas City-Fort Lauderdale … $87
Columbus-Atlantic City … $89
Chicago-Cancun … $99
White Plains-Sarasota … $104
Milwaukee-Los Angeles … $104
Detroit-Montego Bay … $120

Okay, in all honesty, the Orlando – Nassau flight is the only one at $44, but there are several choices under $100. Some blackout dates apply. You should book at least 10 days in advance and depart on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday for best fares. Don’t forget, these are ONE-WAY prices. In most cases, you’ll want to come back at some point – or maybe not. Expect to pay another $20-$40 in taxes, unless you’re flying Spirit Airlines, in which case you’ll pay an ingenious $25 fee just to cram your bag in the overhead compartment.

More details on these low fares can be found on TravelZoo. And don’t think that Air Tran is the only low budget airline game in town. Check out JetBlue, Allegiant Air, and sometimes even Southwest. Think fondly of us when you stick your toes in the sand!

The Jetsetter Team

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