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Do These 7 Things BEFORE You Leave

June 19th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Do These 7 Things BEFORE You Leave

Getting ready to depart on vacation, it seems like there are a thousand things to do. Why not make it 1,007 and tend to these additional items before you step out the door to catch that flight or tour bus? Contiki Vacations came up with the following list and we think they are right on target with their suggestions. This isn’t just little silly stuff. These ideas could have a lot to do with the ultimate quality of your trip and memories.

1) Take your vitamins (before you leave and during your trip)
Long hours at the office, last minute shopping, and a late night of packing for your trip can take a stress toll on your body. Stay healthy with a consistent regime of echinacea and multi-vitamins, starting a few days or even weeks before your trip. For the plane ride, bring some Emergen-C® packets along for an extra boost of Vitamin C. (Also good after a late night out before you go to bed.)  If you plan on burning the candle at both ends during your trip take vitamins the whole time, you’ll be glad you did!

2) Take a picture of your passport and email it to yourself
In addition to packing a photocopy of your passport, this extra step will guarantee access to your passport in a pinch – even if part of your luggage gets lost or stolen (with your photocopy in it). Use a hotel computer or an internet café to check your email and print a copy of your passport. Ask your Tour Manager to help you contact the nearest US Embassy; you’ll need their help if you plan on flying home!

3) Fight jetlag
The trick to avoiding jetlag and adjusting your

internal clock is to stay up all day. Even if you’re flight gets in at 8am, fight the urge to sleep. Have an espresso or two, walk around and sightsee! After 8pm you’re safe to get some sleep and start your tour fresh the next day. Of course, it also helps to get some sleep on the flight over. TIP: Before you board the flight, have a beer or glass of wine at the airport bar and buy the most boring magazine you can find – you’ll be out in no time!

4) Be kink-free!
Two words – Neck Pillow. This brilliant invention is worth the extra room in your carry-on. It’s perfect for the long plane rides and the Contiki coach, where you can score some extra nap time while heading from place to place. Combine this with earplugs and you’ve got yourself the perfect pair!

5) SunTAN, not burn
There’s nothing worse than getting sunburnt on your first day of vacation. Bring at least SPF30 Sunscreen (don’t worry you’ll still get a tan). Spots not to miss: face, back of neck, tops of feet, ears, nose, and shoulders. Chapstick or lipgloss with SPF in it is also a good idea.

6) Mix up your seat on the coach
If you want the best footage of the open road, the front of the coach is for you. It also provides easy access to the Tour Manager for some Q&A and good stories along the way. The back of the coach is usually reserved for the rowdy and highly social people in the group. The best way to get to know people, however, is to mix it up and try new seats!

7) Bring a watch
Since you probably won’t have your cell phone with you overseas, a watch will prove to be a good investment. You’ll always be on time for meet-ups, and you won’t have to pay that extra cab fare for missing the coach! A small travel alarm clock is also a good idea to help you wake up in the morning after a hard day of sightseeing, eating and shopping.

See what we mean? These are the kind of simple but easily overlooked ideas that are going to make you crazy once you get into the journey and realize you’ve forgotten one or more of them. We especially like #4 about grabbing a glass of wine and a stupefyingly boring magazine before departure. Of course, the opposite tactic would be to slam a Mountain Dew and Five Hour Energy Drink cocktail and snag a copy of the latest bestseller, 101 Ways to Antagonize Your Seatmates. Either way, the trip is going to go by quickly. Of course, if you annoy anyone too much the trip (for you) might never take place at all.

‘Tis the season for travel so don’t screw it up by getting jetlagged and sunburned into submission!

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