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Dear American Airlines…

January 13th, 2011 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Dear American Airlines…

The Jetsetter ShowSometimes it’s fun to dip into the American Airlines mailbag and read through letters aimed at a company recently named one of the fifteen most hated in America for 2010, and the least popular airline in – the galaxy? Is that going to far? Consider the following sampling of venom posted on Amplicate.com.

The most popular:

“$280 to check 2 bags? Attitude? Delayed, arrived even later, but I do give them a 100% record for screwing up every time I fly with them…absolutely the worst airline if not the worst company in the US.”

And here is the next most popular opinion:

“I hate American Airlines! They are old, attendants are cranky or mean. They are stuck in crappy procedures that tend to break down and piss people off. Instead of reinventing their company (like Southwest), they are doomed to extinction. Traveled over and back to the US… Delay after

bloody delay. Missed a connection out of Miami by 1 minute. My wife and I booked it from deep in the “D” terminal over to the “E” terminal, only to be told by the gate staff “They didn’t hold the plane… Sorry” Now waiting for a flight 2 hours later… With an over booked flight and no seat assignments. They need to change their slogan to “We don’t care, we don’t have to!”

Here’s another:

“I have 825,000 miles on AA. Had another lousy service experience involving a bag, wrote a letter to Sr. Exec VP in charge of Customer Experience. Got a call from his asst. 45 minutes later, she apologized and explained there was nothing that could be done. But, she wanted me to know how valuable a customer I was. I said do something tangible to show me. She said there was nothing she could do. Told me my best bet was to fly a lot more so I would accrue 1 million miles, then I could become Gold for life. Otherwise, I had the same options open to me as a brand new employee just out of college and flying for the first time. Didn’t even offer me a free bag check voucher next time. Just wasted my time. I’ve booked numerous flights since then – all on Southwest!”

We left some of the more colorful errors in grammar and syntax as is, in the spirit of translating the spittle-flying hysteria of the moment. We’re not saying you should avoid American Airlines. We’re just reminding you that 86% of the flying public sort of hate them.

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