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Dealing With the Effects of Long-Term Travel

February 28th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Dealing With the Effects of Long-Term Travel

JS0206While many of us dream of traveling around the world, few pause to think about the more difficult aspects of it. Money runs short, other people learn to live without you, and your health may suffer. Sure, you’re having a good time—but there are a few aspects of the traveling life that are far from glamorous. Read on to learn a few simple ways to combat them!

Losing Touch
When you’re away, it is easy to lose touch with friends and family. While social media helps us stay in touch, staying close to someone requires more. Send more personal forms of communication—letters and postcards with photographs will say more and encourage relationships with those back home. Use the phone or send an email when you’re able, and remember to ask about their lives too.

Your Physical Health
If you’re used to hitting the gym or attending a yoga class in the park, you may find staying healthy while abroad to be a challenge. It’s easy to forget exercise when you’re having a great time doing other things, and you likely don’t have a gym or fancy class to get you going. Luckily, the internet is filled with great workouts you can do wherever you are—though be prepared for your new hostel buddies to get the giggles.

Similarly, you’ll want to save money on food by eating cheaply. Resist this impulse if it means you’ll suffer in other ways. A lack of protein will make you feel weak and greatly decrease your travel experience. If you anticipate budgetary (or restrictive eating) type problems, bring along an assortment of vitamins and protein powder to stay healthy.

Small Talk
When you begin your travel experience, every story and bit of small talk will seem novel and cool. Eventually though, you’ll probably miss the ability to just quietly hang out with someone you know, minus the pretense.

Small talk gets exhausting, even for natural talkers like Jason Hartman, so plan time for yourself—preferably in a place where you will not be asked to interact with others. Wear headphones or go somewhere quiet to rejuvenate yourself for the small talk that will inevitably come.

You might also try to travel with likeminded people you meet while abroad, which creates a sense of community and lifelong friendships that will improve your mental wellbeing.

The advantages of travel clearly outweigh the drawbacks—but follow these simple suggestions and appreciate your experience to its fullest extent! (photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc)

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